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The specialist laboratory division of the Office Principles Group, delivering fast track, technical, design and building projects to the science, technology and innovation sectors using a proven strategy-based methodology.

Why Us?


Every project has a deadline and some projects have demanding challenges for delivering to meet a particular target or requirement. Our unique scheduling tools and detailed project programming plans backed up by staff who love a challenge, means we always deliver on time and on budget.

Technical Ability

We have a highly experienced team of over 50 professionals who are experienced in every aspect of laboratory design, technical considerations, health and safety, CDM regulations, building control regulations and environmental considerations. You will be impressed with our friendly team who want to understand you, your brief and your aspirations.

Complete Package

Most of our clients do not necessarily want to install a Laboratory in isolation. Often, we are also asked to provide project write-up zones, showers and wash rooms, kitchens, breakout areas and meeting suites. Office Principles have been doing this for nearly 35 years and can provide the complete package on a design and build basis.

Nationwide Coverage

We now have offices in Manchester, Birmingham, London as well as Reading where our main HQ and main innovation centre is located. Our team have carried out projects in every part of the UK.

Trusted Contractor Partners

Our contractor partners are a highly valued team of experienced professionals whose loyalty, dedication and commitment to quality make them indispensable. Many of the teams and consultants have worked for us for over 20 years and clients often specifically ask for the same contractors to be involved when they return with repeat business.

Wellbeing Initiatives

Our design teams understand more about the relationship between our environments and our health than ever before. We know how to create laboratory spaces that inspire, are inclusive, that allow us to flourish, that help us to become happier and healthier people. Every laboratory that we create is an opportunity to deliver health and wellness benefits to everyone that works there.

Key Services

Laboratory Design and Build

Laboratory Furniture

Ergonomic Seating

specialist gases

Specialist Gases

extract systems

Ventilation, mechanical and extract systems

Solvent and waste disposal


Glass washer

dust free areas

Dust free areas

write up zones

Write up zones



laboratory information system

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

gas storage

Gas storage and delivery

staff welfare

Staff welfare

Safety Flooring

fume cupboard

Fume Cupboard and Isolator



security access control

Security access control

shower facilities

Shower and changing facilities

Laboratory Furniture

laboratory furniture

We are specialists when it comes to the supply and installation of quality laboratory furniture and equipment.

We offer a range of standard laboratory furniture systems which, although modular, can cater for any bench length and are available in either standing or sitting height. Systems can be used independently or in combination. We can also offer a full range of underbench units along with matching wall, tall and special storage. Our laboratory furniture complies with BS 3202 and BS EN 14056.


Our Sectors


Life Science & Biological Sciences

Chemical Sciences




Food and Beverage



ESD & Microchip

Oil & Gas

Nuclear & Defence

14 tips for a smart laboratory

Our latest whitepaper considers the challenge we face in creating state of the art laboratory spaces. Whether your current laboratory suite is not fit for purpose and needs a complete refurbishment, or whether your lease is expiring, or whether perhaps you have run out of space, in this guide we want to help you plan a successful outcome.

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